Friday, October 21, 2011

Most Valuable Digital Consumers: An Infographic

Nielsen recently released an interesting infographic related to how consumers use social media.
They followed that up with one highlighting mobile use and local social media engagement. 

Not surprising is that 64% of parents use social media to learn about brands before purchase. 
The group most likely to comment on social media posts are age 20-27. What this means to me is that looking solely at analytics and judging who is influenced is the wrong approach. There are a lot of lurkers who don't interact much but are influenced by social media. 

This is especially true in localized and mobile. The growth of people using mobile devices to find a business or product is growing exponentially. The days of focusing active mobile and local engagement in key high-use markets such as San Francisco are gone. 
Creating an effective, if not robust, presence is ideal. I posted recently on how curating your presence is the key to social media success. This is especially true when you understand how and where consumers are engaging with your online presence.

Understanding how people engage with your brand online is important, but if you don't know your customer and have a strong brand all of your social media activation will be wasted.   

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